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Literacy Highland
Lakes is a 501(c)(3)

P.O. Box 216
Marble Falls, Texas 78654

Our big annual fundraiser is the Rubber Ducky Race which takes place at Burnet's Bluebonnet Festival the second weekend in April. Burnet County Volunteer Firemen have helped us by providing extra current with their fire hoses when needed. Due to our long drought, the race has been held at the YMCA pool the last two years. We hope to have the race at Hamilton Creek again, so long as Mother Nature cooperates and gives us enough water.

What is the Rubber Ducky Race?
Numbered ducks matching numbers on individual tickets are dumped into the water and are left to "swim" to the finish line. The first ten ducks to cross the line are the prize winners. The order of finish is determined by real honest-to-goodness judges from the Burnet area.

How to Participate
Literacy Highland Lakes members throughout the community sell the tickets. Beginning each February, you can purchase a single ticket for $5 or you can purchase a "Quack Pack" (five tickets) for only $20.

Not sure where to buy a ticket? Call us at 1-512-756-7337

Become A Rubber Ducky Race Sponsor

Sponsors will receive the following benefits:

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